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Family Dentistry

An early start in good oral health practices is detrimental to establish our behaviors towards our general health.

From a young age, it is important children are made to feel comfortable not only visiting the dentist but participating in their oral health regimes.

Dr Raquel Valentim has a young family herself and understands the importance we have as role models to the young minds when it comes to healthy choices.

This is why family dentistry is still at the center of her daily life and she enjoys sharing her time with both children and adults and educating good oral health practices and encouraging prevention of disease.

Last year, a new pandemic changed the world we live in, and access to dental care has been severely disrupted to many children and families. This is why Dr Raquel Valentim joined forces with Denplan to create affordable pathways for families to return to their routine oral care regimes.

If you'd like to find out how Dr Raquel Valentim can help you with your routine dental care, just click the button below.

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